Port of snezziboy to the DS


Originally coded by bubble2k, I only ported to the DS, made a few DS related fixes and added my sound core.

Only flashcarts are supported currently

There are two versions now, the sound version, and the no-sound version. Each version has different compatibility.

Instructions: Run "snezzi.exe snesrom.sfc" and the flash the generated file to your flashcard.

Snezzi DS v0.25a (sound version)
Snezzi DS v0.24b (sound version)
Snezzi DS v0.24a (sound version)
Snezzi DS v0.24
Snezzi DS v0.23a (sound version)
Snezzi DS v0.23
Snezzi DS v0.22a (sound version)
Snezzi DS v0.22
Snezzi DS v0.21b (sound version)


The source is up at https://snezzids.bountysource.com/. The DS version is currently a branch off of the GBA version, under the branches/ds directory. You will need devkitarm to compile the DS source, and any PC compiler to compile the builder.


Snezziboy SF.Net page.
Pocketheaven forums.

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